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Broadband is defined by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India as "An always-on data connection that offers a minimum downlink and uplink speed of 2 Mbps" 






North America United States Xfinity By Comcast Xfinity Logo 29.6 M
North America United States Charter Communications Charter Communications Logo 26.4 M
North America United States AT&T AT&T Logo 16.5 M
North America United States Verizon Verizon Logo 6.9 M
North America Canada Rogers Communications Rogers Communications Logo 2.5 M
North America Canada Bell Canada Bell Logo 3.5 M
North America Canada Telus Telus Logo 2.1 M
North America Mexico Telmex Telmex Logo 12.7 M
North America Mexico Totalplay TotalPlay Logo 1.2 M
South America Brazil Claro Claro Logo 9.7 M
South America Brazil Vivo Vivo Logo 7.9 M
South America Brazil Oi Oi logo 5.9 M
South America Argentina Telecom Argentina Telecom Logo 4.1 M
South America Argentina Cablevision 3.6 M
Europe United Kingdom BT Group BT Group 7.9 M
Europe United Kingdom Virgin Media Virgin Media 6.0 M
Europe United Kingdom Sky Broadband Sky Broadband 6.2 M
Europe Germany Deutsche Telekom Deutsche Telekom 13.4 M
Europe Germany Vodafone Vodafone 10.7 M
Europe Germany Telefónica Germany Telefónica Germany 2.9 M
Europe France Orange Orange 11.7 M
Europe France Free Free 6.7 M
Europe France Bouygues Telecom Bouygues Telecom 4.1 M
Asia China China Telecom China Telecom 153.8 M
Asia China China Unicom China Unicom 84.6 M
Asia China China Mobile China Mobile 188.6 M
Asia India Reliance Jio Reliance Jio 431 M
Asia India Bharti Airtel Bharti Airtel 192 M
Asia India Vodafone Idea Vodafone Idea 122 M
Asia India BSNL BSNL 24 M
Asia Japan NTT Group NTT Group 20.5 M
Asia Japan KDDI KDDI 7.9 M
Asia Japan SoftBank Corp. SoftBank Corp. 6.8 M
Africa Nigeria MTN Nigeria MTN Nigeria 33.3 M
Africa Nigeria Globacom Globacom 29 M
Africa Nigeria Airtel Nigeria Airtel Nigeria 28.4 M
Africa South Africa Telkom SA Telkom SA 1.1 M
Africa South Africa MTN South Africa MTN South Africa 5.6 M
Africa South Africa Vodacom Vodacom 5.2 M
Oceania Australia Telstra Telstra 3.8 M
Oceania Australia Optus Optus 1.2 M
Oceania Australia TPG Telecom TPG Telecom 1.9 M
Oceania New Zealand Spark NZ Spark NZ 0.7 M
Oceania New Zealand Vodafone NZ Vodafone NZ 0.4 M
Oceania New Zealand 2degrees 2degrees 0.1 M


  1. Antarctica: No major consumer ISPs operate in Antarctica due to its harsh environment and limited population.
  2. The subscriber counts are approximate and may vary over time